Angels 4 Animals

Angels For Animals Rescue Organization is a 501 (c)(3) foster-based animal rescue foundation.  We adopt the desperate, neglected and overlooked dogs and cats from (primarily) the Los Angeles animal shelters and provide them with medical care and loving homes. 

We are currently building a small rescue dog sanctuary in Harbor Springs, Michigan where we can house senior dogs from Los Angeles and Detroit shelters.  In Los Angeles, our rescue is foster based.  In Michigan, our sanctuary will house between 10-15 dogs at any given time.

We are group of animal loving friends who founded Angels For Animals in 2005, primarily as a cat rescue.  After over 10 years of rescuing roughly 1400 cats (mostly from the streets of Los Angeles), Angels for Animals expanded and began rescuing dogs from animal shelters.  Targeting the overlooked dogs who appear withdrawn or desperate, or the ones in need of an extreme medical transformation became our focus.  We have rescued, rehomed and provided medical care for over 100 dogs. 

Family involvement is the key to our success!  We get kids and communities involved by hosting lemonade stands, bake sales and towel drives for our rescue dogs!  This is something that can be done NATION-WIDE and children will feel a sense a pride knowing that they contributed towards rescue animals.

Due to significant donations and support from our community, our 2019 expansion includes building an animal sanctuary in Northern Michigan where senior dogs can retire peacefully.  Nothing would be required of them except to be spoiled, loved, walked and taken to the beach to play in the water.

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